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2022: Is Marketing In Spanish Still Relevant To Hispanics?

The buying power of Hispanic consumers is expected to increase to 1.7 trillion US dollars by 2020—and it’s predicted to increase even more in the upcoming years.

Businesses are aware of that and trying to understand the rising potential buying power of the Hispanic community.

However, it’s not quite straightforward to create effective marketing campaigns that specifically cater to the Hispanic community.

Marketers are confused about several aspects of Hispanic marketing, ranging from strategic content creation to finding the right platforms to reach their audience

One of the important questions that most marketers are seeking an answer to is whether the Spanish language is still relevant to Hispanics in the US.

Let’s look at it in more detail!

Spanish language: still relevant to Hispanics?

Spanish is the most common non-English language in the United States. It’s the language that most Hispanics speak at home.

They believe that it’s important for their future generations that their languages live on. But things are changing.

The second- and third-generation of the Hispanic population are less motivated to speak Spanish and inclined more towards the English language.

The use of Spanish is also declining in families where one partner is non-Hispanic.

So, what does it mean for marketers?

Marketers who want to target the Hispanic audience need to understand what it means to be Hispanic in today’s age.

They need to find the right balance Hispanic traditions and American culture.

Spanish still remains relevant to Hispanics in the US; hence, using this language in marketing campaigns is probably the right idea.

But, it’s important—more than ever—to do it right. And unfortunately, there are so many ways it can go wrong.

Avoid stereotypes or witticisms that specifically target the Hispanic communities.

For starters, the content should be focused on cultural identity beyond the language. A simple English to Spanish translation is a big no.

The biggest challenge is to should not come across as “Hispandering” i.e. faking interest in Hispanic issues and culture for self-serving reasons.

Remember, all it takes is one careless marketing camping to generate negative reception and destroy the brand image.

Therefore, keep it subtle, engaging, and positive. Conduct market studies and surveys, do your homework, proof-read, test, and get feedback from people with Hispanic roots.

Once you’re fully confident that the marketing campaign speaks the voice of the Hispanic community, only then should you give the green signal.

In a nutshell, Spanish language alone is insufficient to create an effective multicultural marketing campaign for the Hispanic community.

There’s a lot more to it, be it Spanish content marketing and SEO or picking the right platforms to channel your market resources.

If you need help with your multicultural marketing campaign for Hispanics, we can help! Based in New York, GoDiversity is a multicultural marketing agency that designs innovative and culturally sensitive ad campaigns to help businesses reach to minority groups in the US. Call us at (917)7976189 today to learn more!

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