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3 Reasons to Establish Ethnically Diverse Social Media Pages for Your Business

 Kids from various ethnic backgrounds sitting on a bench together

We’re incredibly fortunate to live in a country that’s considered a benchmark for cultural diversity around the world. To put things into perspective, the Asian American population alone hails from 18 different countries—and that’s just according to one study!

The multiculturalism of the US presents a fantastic opportunity for companies to build demand using ethnic marketing strategies like establishing ethnically diverse social media pages. But what are the benefits of doing this?

Here are 3 reasons why it’s worth establishing culturally diverse social media pages for your business.

1.Overcome Language Barriers

One of the most important reasons to create ethnically diverse social media pages is to help your target audience overcome language barriers. While it’s tempting to assume every consumer you’re targeting speaks English, this is rarely the case. In New York alone, nearly 50% of people speak a language other than English at home!

If you’re looking for assistance to run social media pages in multiple languages, get in touch with a multicultural advertising agency. They’ll let you know which languages they can assist with and help you maximize traffic to your social media pages simultaneously.

2.Personalize Your Brand’s Story

Have you ever considered whether your brand’s story is understood by your target segments? No matter how compelling it is, if it isn’t conveyed in a culturally sensitive manner, ethnically diverse customers will fail to understand it.

That’s why it’s vital to reach out to an ethnic advertising agency to personalize your brand story. They’ll help you develop ads that convey your brand’s story in a way that appeals to culturally diverse segments on a personal level.

3.Improve Brand Visibility

If you had one social media page and uploaded a video ad on it, you might get a fair number of views if the ad was produced well. But imagine uploading the same ad translated into multiple languages on various social media pages catering to different cultures. Chances are you’ll get far more views!

This exemplifies why the creation of ethnically diverse social media pages is a great way to maximize brand visibility. The more diverse your audience is, the more visible your brand will be to people from various parts of society.

A group of women having an office meeting

Eager to boost your social media presence among ethnically diverse markets? We’re ready to help you at GoDiversity.

GoDiversity is a multicultural advertising agency in New York City. We provide fully integrated ethnic marketing services such as digital marketing, database marketing, and media planning. We also develop marketing strategies to help companies build their brand stories and offer an array of insights so our clients obtain measurable results.

Whether you want help diversifying your social media presence or creating ethnically diverse posters and flyers, we’re just a quick call away. Dial 917-797-6189 or drop us a message today to speak to our team of ethnic marketing professionals.

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