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  • Mario Torres

4 Developments in the World of Advertising You Should Know as a Multicultural Marketer

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The advertising industry changes so rapidly that old practices, while they may still be effective, just don’t cut it anymore. As a multicultural marketer, you should always aim to go above and beyond with your efforts to break through the clutter, engage the audience, and get the ball truly rolling.

To that end, 2022 has been quite pivotal in the development of new and effective advertising strategies that have changed the game to quite an extent. Right now, you not only need to move towards a digital advertising strategy but also need to emphasize it actively.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss some major developments in advertising that you should know about as a multicultural advertiser.

1. Personalized and Targeted Ads

Personalized and targeted ads are not a new phenomenon, but the way they’re used has evolved over time. These ads have the best conversion potential, and because they’re so streamlined, their cost is minimal as well. Today, as a marketer, you can use data analysis tools and software to craft highly personalized messages which will strike a chord with the audience. This works for all kinds of advertising, including TV, display, social media, and more.

2. Omnichannel Advertising

Today, a consumer can check multiple channels to choose their products way before buying them from the store or online. This is primarily because they can easily get all the information they need from digital channels. Of course, this means that you need to have an advertising strategy that focuses on all the possible channels that your consumer may use to gather information about your brand.

3. Google’s Smart Bidding

Not only your advertising content but your channel and timing are very important in multicultural advertising. Google’s Smart Bidding is a useful platform that uses machine learning to provide accurate information and data about the potential customer’s location, gender, age, income level, device, and even the time of day.

4. Authenticity Remains a Winner

87% of consumers prefer authenticity over sensational or hype-based marketing. As a multicultural marketer, you can create authenticity in your messaging by using real consumers in your ads, using emotional appeal, choosing unedited digital ads, and describing an individual’s unique yet relatable experience.

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