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  • Mario Torres

4 Ways Your Business Can Improve Its Direct Marketing Strategy

When organizing a direct mail campaign, you need to start off with a strong plan. Your designs should be attractive set straightforward with clear call-to-action. Your content should be up-to-date, providing complete information of what products or services you provide, and how they apply to your target customers’ needs and preferences.

In short, you need to cover your direct marketing basics…and then cover more specialized techniques to make it uniquely effective.

Successful marketers have been using direct mail methods in 2017, and will continue to do so in the coming year. Over 100 million U.S. adults made catalog-based purchases last year. However, though the ROI generated through direct marketing is generally high, marketers need to deviate from traditional methods onto trendier, engaging ones to take the percentage higher.

In order to receive improved response to your direct marketing campaign, consider opting for these four ways to add that punch:


Move away from the traditional enveloped and postcard-based mail, and onto something that gives your customers a fun opening experience. Mail which is interesting from the get-go—that is, consisting of a unique format—has a higher response rate. Add dimensions to your mail, with interesting graphic designs, so that your capture your contacts’ attention the minute they receive it.


What’s better than direct mail? It is a direct mail that comes to life, and consists of interactive features. The right advertising and marketing experts can help you give your prospects and customers a fun user experience without going overboard on your marketing budget. When incorporating augmented reality into direct marketing, consider a few factors:

· Is the idea simple to understand and use?

· Does the idea apply to what your recipients want?

· Is the idea both interesting and informative?


Have your customers keep unfolding their mail to get to other content you want them to know about. A compelling look, a catchy title and a straightforward way of getting there—a direct mail with that feature builds curiosity, creating an urge for people to see what they will find next.


Image-based content is always more interesting and fun to view. Embedding videos in your direct mail is a sure-fire to grab your users’ attention. A headline with the word ‘video’ itself receives great response right off the bat. While this form of direct mail is newer and more expensive than traditional methods, the returns are relatively higher.

As experts in advertising to Hispanic market, we also specialize in ethnic direct mail. Reach out to GoDiversity today to take your direct marketing efforts towards lasting success!

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