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5 Lessons for Creating a Multicultural Marketing Strategy

The growing diversity in the US has made it quite challenging for businesses to target consumers on an individual level. One-size-fits-all approach towards marketing doesn’t work anymore, and businesses should come up with ideas that are culturally accurate as well as appealing to a particular ethnic lifestyle.

Businesses that do not understand multicultural marketing are likely to go wrong and end up offending their audiences rather than target them effectively.

Here are some ways in which businesses can create an effective multicultural marketing strategy:

Know What Your Audience Values

Before a business launches a global marketing camping, it should research and understand what their audience values most. Consumers are unlikely to trust a brand that they think doesn’t understand them or delivers something that is of value to them.

This is especially important for multicultural audiences, as they have a diverse set of desires and needs. Thereby an extensive research is necessary. The research should include multiple methods, including surveys, focus groups, experiments, trials and secondary research, which will help a business understand the cultural values comprehensively.

Researching is not something that should only be done before designing a campaign, but is something that should be conducted throughout the process. This is because businesses can come across new insights during execution, which they should incorporate into the campaign.

Targeting One Ethnic Group

An important aspect of multicultural marketing is not to target too many ethnic groups at once.

Successful businesses conduct extensive researches on the groups there are targeting and then categorize them accordingly. A good example of this approach is the way marketers divide Hispanics into several groups, based on their different lifestyle and demographics, such as dominant Hispanics, bilingual Hispanics, Hispanic millennials, non-Mexican Hispanics and so on. Because each these groups have some distinct qualities, targeting any one of them at a time gives a business laser-like focus on one particular group.

Multicultural Branding

A multicultural marketing campaign is not something that business should be running in isolation, having no connection to the rest of marketing and branding activities.

Successful brands find a way to successfully incorporate marketing campaigns into their brand persona, and present it as a part of their brand. If the multicultural marketing commutation is not aligned to their brand, the audiences are unlikely to identify with the message and end up getting confused.

Leveraging the right channels

Leveraging the right channels is the key to targeting a multicultural audience.

Hispanics love spending time on their mobile phones and are most likely to discovery new brand on social media. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional media is of no importance. Around 45% of the total ad spend to target Hispanic audiences is done on TV, which shows that leveraging the right channels is the key to succeeding here.

It is really important for brands to research the right marketing channels for their audiences and then develop a marketing strategy for each on.

Partnering up with the Right team

An effective way to target multicultural audiences is to partner with a team that understands multicultural audiences. This usually means an ethnic marketing agency.

These agencies bring insights and ideas to the table that many brands can easily miss even after doing extensive research.

We are a full-service Hispanic marketing agency that can help you to succeed in your marketing efforts targeted towards capturing the digital Hispanic market. So let’s discuss and work together on a plan!

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