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  • Mario Torres

Brands That Are Extremely Popular Among the Hispanics and What We can Learn From Them

The fastest growing minority group in the USA is the Hispanics. This is why several brands are scrambling for ways to successfully appeal to this consumer segment. More and more multicultural marketing campaigns are being launched every day, with the sole aim to somehow attract this young Hispanic group.

While many get mixed reactions, there are some brands that have got Hispanic marketing just right. Here are 5 of them:


Walmart can be considered as the pioneers of Hispanic marketing, as it was the first brand to win the ‘Marketer of the Year’ award by AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Market. They spent around $92 million on Hispanic marketing alone in 2013, something which was unprecedented back then.

They signed an agreement with largest Hispanic communication company, Univision Communication, to develop Hispanic content for the Hispanic audiences. The venture lasted three years and proved to be quite lucrative for both parties.

Walmart has focused on their Hispanic customers and has achieved a lot of growth in the past few years.


In 2014, AT&T launched its Mobile Movement campaign to attract more young customers. They utilized young Hispanics in their campaign and had them talking about the difficulties they face in their current network. The consumers used a mix of English and Spanish to speak, thereby showing a good balance between the two cultures.

The ad was appreciated by the Hispanics, and according to AT&T, the campaign was a success.


McDonald’s was the second brand to win the ‘Marketer of the Year’ award by AHAA. The brand has been known to consistently research Hispanic markets and identifying new insights into the culture.

They have three different marketing directors to focus on some key ethnic segments, such as Asia American, Hispanic and African American. They have created several Hispanic marketing campaigns and have consistently hit the mark by creating great Hispanic content.


CNET developed a pretty good strategy to target Hispanics by teaming up with ethnic marketing agencies and major Hispanic names.

They have been known to partner with Latin World Entertainment, which is a marketing agency founded by Sophia Vergara. In their campaigns, they have used many Hispanic celebrities.

They even created a tech website in Spanish to target young and tech-savvy Hispanic millennials.


Toyota is the most popular car brand in the Hispanic market, which shows that this brand has successfully captured the Hispanic market. They have consistently created quality content targeted to Hispanic market and one of their most notable ones was the Mas Que Un Auto campaign.

The slogan literally means ‘more than just a car’, but immensely appealed to the Hispanics. Hispanics usually consider their car to like the member of their family so the campaign hit the right chords.

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