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  • Mario Torres

External Vs. Internal Marketing Team: Which One Should You Choose?

How we maintain a brand has evolved considerably. Businesses are saddled with smaller marketing workforces with higher consumer expectations. Given that managers prefer focusing company’s resources on core operations, the success of advertisement and other marketing elements is left uncertain.

In truth, marketing sets the speed of business growth. Customers need be made aware of new and existing products and services from time to time, which is why you need to invest in a marketing team as soon as possible.

Step one: Take over the digital world of advertising. Online advertising is the key to reaching out to your target audience. The global internet user population is estimated to reach 3.5 billion by the end of this year.

Step two: Find out which type of marketing team is worth investing in. You can either establish an in-house team, or outsource ad services to an external agency. But first, take a look at some pros and cons of the two:

Internal Marketing Team


· Operational Familiarity

An in-house marketing team works parallel to other departments. Continuous presence means they have a consistent relationship with the rest of the workforce, and are more aware of your company’s history and style.

· Total Commitment

An internal marketing team is dedicated to promoting just your company. They have no obligation to divide their time fairly between multiple clients, thus directly complete focus on your campaigns.


· Operation Costs

Marketing is not a one-and-done process. Your team needs to be updated on new trends, trained in new practices. This involves some additional expenses. Moreover, you need to treat your marketing staff like any other workforce; factor in the costs benefits, sick leaves, and vacation days along with a basic salary.

· Limited Resources

An internal marketing team is responsible for carrying out multiple operations. These include ad creation and promotion, social media marketing and data analysis to track their progress. As a result, they may be stretched too thin on several fronts.

External Marketing Team

The Pros:

· All-In-One Services

An external marketing agency is more than just your go-to team for designing those new web ads. They are in fact primary source for accessing a compete tool-box of marketing elements. From understanding your audience to testing the final ad on various digital channels, they will deliver a ready-made professional marketing campaign at your company’s doorstep.

· Time Efficient

Execute a successful marketing campaign without sacrificing your company’s time. One of the advantages of outsourcing online marketing is that all you need to provide is company and customer information; the rest is up to your agency.

· Costs Efficient

Save on expenses for training, tools and capital expenses associated with internal marketing. Outsourcing marketing operations is a great way to avoid over-extending your marketing budget.

The Cons:

· Division Of Attention

External marketing teams take on multiple clients at the same time. They will allot you a certain time period within which they deliver their services. You will need to follow a certain pattern of communication to deliver your orders and feedback.

While the benefits of external marketing far outweigh those of internal marketing, every business is unique.

Consider your company’s current position and its marketing goals before you choose a marketing team. As an ethnic marketing agency, we offer a comprehensive set of services in multicultural advertising, focusing on each business’s individualistic goals before planning creating an ad campaign.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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