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  • Mario Torres

Facebook Marketing and the Hispanic Audience

We love this quote from Rand Fishkin—the Moz guy:

“The best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy.”

It holds true for every industry and for every customer segment you want to target. Including the Hispanic community.

And which platform is most suitable for this strategy?

Social media.

Because using social media you can promote your brand and create awareness.

And if the content you promote helps people solve their problem, you are likely to earn their respect and trust as well.

The problem with using social media though is that, you need to know on which social media network you are most likely to find your target audience.

This is not Google where every web node is interconnected. Social media networks are silos.

If you are on a different social media network, while your target audience is on another – the message that you’ll broadcast won’t be received.

It could be like talking to yourself in an empty room.

Now every market segment has its own social media usage preferences, in case of the Hispanic audience, it’s Facebook.

There are more than 26.7 million active Hispanic Facebook users. Of these, 22.1 million are daily users.

Facebook is the number 1 go-to social media site for U.S Hispanics

Knowing where your audience is most likely to be found, however, is only a job half done. To be successful in your objective, you also need to ensure that what you pitch is heard by your target audience and acted upon.

There are more than 2.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. You are just one of the many. It’s very likely what you say will get lost in the concoction of social pitches. And it is also likely what you say, may not be effectively heard (acted upon) by your target audience—in this case the Hispanic community.

To solve the first problem, you can leverage different targeting techniques.

For example, Facebook provides selective targeting tools for the Hispanic community, such as affinity-based targeting and language based targeting. Through these tools, you can increase the visibility of your Facebook ads to the Hispanic audience.

To use affinity based targeting and language based targeting, click on Create Ad option, available on your main Facebook page. Then select Audience from the Ad set menu displayed on the left of your screens. From the Language bar, select which user would you like to target. You can choose between bilingual, Spanish dominant and English dominant users. You can also make multiple selections. Below the Language bar, you’ll see the More Demographics box being displayed. From the box, you need to select Ethnic Affinityand you can start targeting your Hispanic audience.

As for making your content compelling enough for people to act upon it, you can employ multiple solutions and strategies. Here are a few of them:

- You can create video content and post it on Facebook. Hispanics are avid consumers of video content.

- You can use Facebook collection ads to build a story around your products and display them in a meaningful way to your target audience.

- You can create posts in Spanish.

Just make sure that all your Facebook promotion campaigns culturally relate with your Hispanic audience.

Looking for more success pointers to effectively market your product/services to the Hispanic audience? Check out our information vault, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of useful and helpful tips there.

Meanwhile, if you need any help in the design of ads (video, still graphics or text based) for your Hispanic audience, feel free to reach out – our Hispanic advertising experts will be happy to serve you.

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