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  • Mario Torres

Here’s What Marketers Need to Know When Marketing to Hispanic Millennials

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 57 million Hispanics living in the United States. Of them, 26% are millennials.

That roughly equates to 14.82 million people—or consumers if you look from business point of view.

And these consumers possess a tremendous economic clout, measured in billions of dollars.

Unsurprisingly, businesses are increasingly instructing their marketing teams to do everything in their capabilities to target this market segment that exists within the Hispanic community.

If you are a marketer and you’re planning to board the ship too, we have some important insights to share that can help you get started with Hispanic millennial marketing…

Hispanic millennials place great importance to cultural heritage

Contrary to the popular perception, where acculturation of young Hispanics is thought to have morphed them into individuals who are “supposedly” distant from their traditions and cultural values, Hispanic millennials take pride in identifying themselves as Latinos. They are very proud of their culture and actively seek out brands that resonate with Hispanic heritage. Hispanic millennials are Hispanics by choice.

They are Highly Receptive

Hispanic millennials have been found to be highly receptive of the marketing content shelled out in the digital space. More than their previous generations and non-Hispanic peers. In particular, they pay close attention to commercials advertised on mobile platforms.

Video content is one their most favorite consumables

The Hispanic community in general shows a high preference for video content, but Hispanic millennials tend to like it a little bit more. They spend more hours streaming online content than their predecessors, and prefer viewing videos on their mobile devices.

Hispanic millennials have started showing increased preference for Spanish content

Language has often been the most debatable subject in the domain of Hispanic millennial marketing. Traditionally, marketers have believed that content doesn’t necessarily need to be in Spanish, as Hispanic millennials have long exhibited comfortability with consumption of English content. However, that appears to be changing and the consumer group is increasingly streaming more Spanish-language content. You are more likely to gain their appreciation if you create content in Spanish.

Want to know more about marketing to Hispanic millennials? Check out our information vault, you’ll find plenty of helpful tips in there to successfully market to Hispanic millennials and the Hispanic community in general.

Also, if you need help designing ads for your young Hispanic audience, feel free to reach out; our Hispanic advertising experts can create strategic content for you!

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