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Hispanic Lifestyle—Things Every Marketer Should Know

Hispanics represent one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the US. They have a purchasing power of around $1.7 trillion, which shows that they are a lucrative market for businesses to penetrate. However, they are a young and a dynamic bunch, and it is not so easy to appeal to them and capture their market.

There are many ways in which they differ from other groups and a marketing campaign aimed towards them should take into account all the factors that are relevant to their lifestyle and that would appeal to them better.

A recently study published by GlobalWebIndex revealed several insights into the Hispanic lifestyle that every marketer should be paying attention.

Here are some highlights from the study:

Authenticity Matters to Hispanics

Around 6 out of 10 Hispanics revealed that authenticity is something that they value in brands. This number is highest among the Hispanics who are US-Dominant and consume English media.

A proper marketing campaign designed for Hispanics should include elements of honesty. The marketing communication should be driven towards attitudes and issues that matters most to them.

Hispanics Like Socially Responsible Brands

Whether it is supporting local NGOs, or breathing life into a social issue, it is really important for brands to make a positive difference on the society.

Around 34% of Hispanics find brands that are doing well in the society highly-appealing. It is more than just giving a message; brands should stand for something and see a social cause through.

Hispanics Like Marketing that is targeting their culture

Even though they may enjoy consuming English media, there is no doubt that Hispanics are very sentimental about their culture and traditions. It is something that makes them unique and different from others.

Around 35% of Hispanics like marketing campaigns that are reflecting their culture in some way or another. On the other hand, 28% of Hispanics prefer ads that feature Hispanic celebrities.

Brands should be looking for unique ways to infuse Hispanic culture into their marketing, as it provides them with opportunities to integrate consumer-centricity in their communications.

Hispanics Are Likely to Find a Brand on Social Media

Everyone is aware of the power of social media. It is more than just entertainment as it provides an important pathway for brands to interact with their consumers.

Hispanics are no exception to this rule. Around 43% of Hispanics are likely going to find a new brand through social media, thereby playing an important role in brand discovery. Brands that are identifying the right channels, influencers, platforms and communication are more likely to succeed with the Hispanics customer base.

Quality Drives Brand Loyalty for Hispanics

For 62% of the Hispanics, quality is the one factor that drives brand loyalty. Hispanics will continue to spend on a brand that consistently meets their standard of quality and are unlikely to switch to another brand.

It is very important for brands to research what “quality” means for a Hispanic customer with regards to their product, and then prioritize it accordingly.

We are a full-service Hispanic marketing agency that can help you to succeed in your marketing efforts targeted towards capturing the digital Hispanic market. So let’s discuss and work together on a plan!

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