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  • Mario Torres

How to Create Effective, Compelling Digital Marketing Content

Digital marketing is no longer the shiny new thing. Almost every business, regardless of the niche they cater to, is using digital marketing to get their message across.

The focus is no longer on asking “should we do it?”; instead, “how do we do it to get maximum results?”

So, how do you do it?

How do you go about your digital marketing efforts to ensure they yield results?

The answer is simple:

By creating effective digital marketing content

Of course, there are other things as well which deserve mentioning. For example, the platform you use for its execution, the format you use to distribute your content, the social media platform you use for the promotion of your content – all this matters, but effective content remains the king.

All else is secondary.

Effective content always wins when it comes to being in the digital marketing mix.

This begs the question:

How do you create effective, compelling marketing content?

The Golden Rule to Remember: Get to Know Your Audience

It goes without saying the key to creating effective content is understanding your audience – i.e. “getting to know” them.

· Getting to know what their pain points are

· Getting to know what channel they most often use to find solution to their pain points

· Getting to know what words (keywords) they use to find a solution to their pain points

· Getting to know what prompts them to click on a website or a social media post

· Getting to know what their buying journey looks like

And once you have all this knowledge, put your knowledge to work.

Come up with topics that talk about your audience’s pain points. Give solution to these pain points through your created content.

Keep the explanation simple. Incorporate keywords in your content that your audience use to perform a search query. Optimize your content to make it look personalized to your audience. They should be able to relate with your content and the subject and matter of your content should be able to resonate with their needs.

Create, publish, monitor, optimize and then recreate and create more.

When creating content, your focus should be on serving your audience and your audience alone.

Keep these things in mind and there’s no way you can’t master the process of creating effective, compelling digital marketing content for your business.

Need help?

GoDiversity can help. We are a multicultural marketing solutions provider with a strong portfolio and a formidable track record of designing and running digital marketing campaigns successfully. Regardless of the industry, we can help you succeed with your digital marketing efforts.

Let’s discuss your project!


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