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  • Mario Torres

How to Develop a Successful Content Marketing Strategy to Target Hispanics

If you are planning a content marketing strategy for the Hispanic consumer market, you are probably on the right track. US is now home to the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world, outranked only by Mexico.

They are a young and a dynamic market; do your homework before actually getting down to creating content.

Here are a few tips that will help you in content creation:

Know Your Audience

Not all Hispanics are the same, which is where knowing which Hispanic niche you are targeting is important. Marketers like to divide Hispanics into these categories:

Hispanic Dominant

Hispanic dominant make up around 20% of the Hispanic population and are all above the age of 40. They mainly speak Spanish and consume Spanish media. If you are targeting this group, you might want to use Spanish social media channels.

US Dominant

US Dominant are the ones who generally prefer communicating in English more than Spanish, and consume English media. They make up the majority of the Hispanic population, which is around 44%.


This group lies somewhere between the two extremes. They speak in Spanish, but like to consume English media on different social media platforms.

Knowing the group you’re targeting will make a lot of difference on the type of content you produce and the channel you use.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Hispanics residing in the US are leaders when it comes to adopting new devices, which mainly includes smartphones. This means they spend a considerable amount of time on their phones and consuming content through it.

A Hispanic customer spends more than 8 hours a month on his/her smartphone, which is more than an hour longer than other phone users in the USA.

This shows that the content you are creating should mainly be focused on being mobile friendly, which means a lot of videos.

Go Bilingual

While your content should mainly be in English, it should include Spanish words and phrases as well. How well you blend Spanish into your main content will determine how well your content connects with your Hispanic customer base.

Produce Quality and Shareable Content

This point may seem like overkill, but is well-worth mentioning. Just like any other social media user, Hispanics have a short attention span. If your content is not amusing, entertaining or valuable, what’s the point of creating content in the first place?

Hispanics also like sharing content on their social media profiles. Make your content shareable.

For more tips for creating content for your Hispanic customers, get in touch with us. We are the leading Hispanic marketing agency in the US and have worked with various brands to crate multicultural marketing campaigns.

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