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  • Mario Torres

How to Develop a Successful Multicultural Marketing Strategy

The growing influence of multicultural groups on the US is something that no business can ignore, especially the Hispanics. The Hispanics spending on food and beverage alone is expected to be $21 billion by 2020, indicating the potential there is for businesses in these markets.

These markets are young and vibrant, and quickly changing. This is why businesses need to be smart about the way they reach out to them.

Here are some ways in which businesses can develop successful multicultural marketing strategies:

Extensive Research

Conducting in depth research about ethnic groups is the first step towards a successful multicultural marketing campaign. The research should be backed by surveys, secondary data, focus groups, experiments and trials.

It doesn’t end there. Successful multicultural strategies are developed through consistent research to keep up with the ever evolving market dynamics.

Targeting One Particular Ethnic Group

Targeting multiple ethnic groups simultaneously or one ethnic group is a big mistake.

A good example is how marketers like to divide the Hispanics into several segments, such as Hispanic millennials, non-Mexican Hispanics, dominant Hispanics, bilingual Hispanics and so on. This allows businesses to have laser-like focus on one particular segment and appeal to it better.

Aligning Multicultural Marketing With The Brand

Multicultural marketing activities shouldn’t be standalone in nature. All marketing efforts of the brand should be aligned and should be parallel to each other, so that the brand is communicating consistent messages across all channels.

Using Multiple Channels

One of the key aspects of multicultural marketing is that it should be done through multiple channels.

Use of mobile, social media and internet is high among several ethnic groups, which is why these platforms should be used in order to reach these markets effectively. Hispanics lead the way with 14 hours of mobile usage a week.

Hiring A Multicultural Marketing Agency

Hiring agencies that specialize in multicultural marketing is the best way to target ethnic groups in an effective way. With their dedicated expertise, you get access to a team of individuals well-versed with reaching out to multicultural segments with localized strategies.

We are one of the leading multicultural marketing agencies in the country and have a portfolio of diverse clients. Get in touch with us and learn how we can help your brand grow into ethnic markets.

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