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  • Mario Torres

The Role of Influencers in Reaching Ethnic Markets

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Did you know the global influencer market is worth over $16 billion? It’s no wonder 86% of young Americans want to become social media influencers! All you’ve got to do is log onto any major social media channel and you’ll see countless influencers producing an array of interesting content.

Many influencers earn an income from being sponsored by companies to assist with their marketing efforts. But what role do influencers play in helping companies conduct ethnic marketing?

Here are three key roles influencers play in helping businesses reach ethnic markets.

Influencers Translate Brand Stories for Ethnic Markets

If you ask any athlete what Nike’s slogan is, they’ll instantly tell you it’s “Just Do It.” This phrase embodies Nike’s story as a sports company that creates products for athletes that want to seize the moment. But how do you ensure ethnically diverse markets understand brand stories like these? One solution is to hire an influencer!

The best influencers do more than merely translate brand stories and ad copy into foreign languages. They add cultural nuances to a marketing campaign to personalize the company’s brand story.

Nike’s ad designed to appeal to women in the Middle East is a great example of this. It features 5 Arabic women each of whom has a strong social media following to ‘translate’ Nike’s “Just Do It” brand story for this niche segment!

Influencers Create Cultural-Specific Content

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Another role influencers play in reaching ethnic markets is by creating culture-specific content. Let’s take American filmmaker Will Sonbuchner as an example.

Will runs a food and travel channel on YouTube called “Best Ever Food Review Show” in which he samples cuisines from all over the world. Companies that pay to run ads during Will’s videos are well-positioned to attract culturally diverse market segments. Why? Because many of the people that view and comment on Will’s videos come from the regions he visits. In simpler words, Will’s videos help companies access ethnic markets because his content is culture-specific!

Influencers Are Great Sources of Cultural Knowledge

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Imagine a company marketing to consumers from a specific ethnic background without understanding their culture. Chances are their marketing messages will get lost in translation!

One solution to this issue is to partner with influencers who have a good cultural understanding of the ethnic markets you’re targeting. This’ll ensure your marketing message is relayed as accurately as possible.

GoDiversity Works With Influencers to Help Clients Reach Ethnic Markets

Want to consult one of the best multicultural marketing agencies in New York about how to work with influencers to reach ethnic markets? Why not get in touch with GoDiversity!

GoDiversity is an award-winning multicultural advertising agency in New York City. They advise businesses on the best ways to use digital marketing tools like paid social from influencers to reach ethnic markets. They also help clients create custom marketing plans aimed at ethnically diverse audiences and have a team with over 80 years of combined experience marketing to culturally diverse markets.

Learn more about how to use influencers to reach ethnic markets by reaching out to an expert ethnic marketing agency in New York like GoDiversity!

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