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What Are Some of the Best Ways to Advertise to the Hispanic and Latinx Markets?

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The Hispanic and Latinx community’s efforts have helped our country enjoy unparalleled prosperity throughout history. Today, Latinx people account for $2.8 trillion of the country’s total GDP and contribute to a plethora of industries, such as retail trade and hospitality. In other words, advertising to the Hispanic and Latinx markets is immensely important—but what are some of the best ways to do it?

Read on to find out!

Implement Advanced Market Segmentation

If you want to successfully advertise to the Hispanic and Latinx markets, it pays to segment them properly. We recommend reaching out to a reputable multicultural marketing agency that uses culturally nuanced segmentation methods for optimal results.

For instance, it’s worth hiring an agency that uses advanced segmentation platforms like DMA-level Claritas. They’ll help you go segment the Hispanic and Latinx markets based on important factors like their lifestyles and consumption behaviors.

Analyze Their Consumer Data Through a Cultural Lens

Have you heard of the sales funnel? It’s the idea that advertising is primarily used to move consumers through three stages: awareness of the product, interest in the product, and action (to buy the product).

One of the best ways to move customers through the sales funnel is by tailoring your ads based on consumer data. However, whether this works depends on how much you understand how culture influences data.

For instance, Hispanic and Latinx shoppers are more likely to spend substantially on groceries than other segments because of the historic prevalence of food insecurity in these communities. Therefore, if you own a grocery store and want to capture demand from the Hispanic and Latinx markets, releasing an ad touching on the importance of shared meals and home cooking is a brilliant idea!

Create Ads That Speak to Their Identity

Imagine seeing a YouTube ad with a story you relate to at a personal and cultural level. We’re willing to bet it’ll stick in your mind for ages! This is why creating ads that uniquely appeal to the Hispanic/Latinx experience is a surefire way of capturing demand from these communities.

We recommend consulting with a multicultural marketing agency whose team thoroughly understands Hispanic/Latinx cultures for optimal results.

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GoDiversity Helps Clients Develop Effective Ads Based on a Comprehensive Segmentation and Analysis of Hispanic and Latinx Market Segments

If you want to work with a multicultural marketing agency in NYC that specializes in all of the advertising methods we’ve discussed above, it’s time to contact our team at GoDiversity!

At GoDiversity, we provide branding and marketing insights based on a thorough understanding of the Hispanic and Latinx markets. We’ve helped countless companies relay their brand stories in culturally nuanced ways and leave no stone unturned to help our clients create ads that appeal to the multicultural lifestyles of Hispanic and Latinx consumers.

Contact us now to discover the benefits of advertising to the Hispanic and Latinx market with the help of a top ethnic marketing agency in NYC!

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