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Marketing To Hispanic Consumers: 4 Best Practices

Actualizado: 2 feb 2022


With the role they take up in the consumer market, Hispanic consumers contribute to one of the most significant segments ethnically. This includes Hispanic and Latino consumers in the United States, which is statistically expected to grow further over the next few decades.

With such great potential, it’s almost criminal how little brands focus on targeting Hispanic consumers across various markets and industries or fail to build a solid marketing strategy to get the job done.

It’s crucial to work with a multicultural marketing agency like ours to know how you can best connect to Hispanic consumers. However, some general advice that reiterates the need for a separate strategy is:

Define and set clear goals

This means allotting the budget, setting specific mission statements, objectives, and goals for your company, targetting set sub-groups and demographics, and building on a strategy around this. It’s simply not enough to offer a segment as part of a larger campaign, unless done so comprehensively, alongside others. You’re targeting a large consumer base, and they deserve representation and investment for it to be effective.

Understand and focus on specifics

Hispanics are united by language, but they’re not just a homogenous monolith. This is a mistake a lot of businesses make when marketing and advertising. A middle-aged immigrant Spanish speaker from Puerto Rico will have very different cultural, ethnic, and personal preferences than a second-generation Hispanic teenager whose family is from Cuba.

There are several countries that are Hispanic—and not all of them are necessarily Latino. Focus content by age, culture, heritage, holidays, and other factors that will lend your work authenticity and show a genuine interest in the needs and wants of the people you’re advertising to.

Target various mediums

You might think traditional media forms are dead, but there is more to this assumption than you realize. Hispanic radio channels are alive and kicking, with U.S. Hispanics being among the biggest listeners and users of the medium in the country. By neglecting to factor in this dynamic, you could be sleeping on a major opportunity for marketing.

Provide alternatives in the language

While Hispanics aren’t a monolith, the uniting factor is their shared language. With a projected expectation of Spanish speakers in the U.S. reaching 42 million, that’s 42 million people potentially feeling like second-class citizens because brands can’t be bothered enough to speak their language. While most of them are bi- or multi-lingual, it shows compassion and dedication to offer platforms, content, and information in Spanish. It makes little sense to run a dubbed advertisement, only to be linked to a website that only offers English.

We specialize in marketing to the Hispanic community in the U.S., and our team is a collective of ethnically diverse marketers and specialists who can provide you with the depth and insight to help you tap into these incredibly varied markets. Get in touch with our Hispanic digital marketing agency to learn more!

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