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  • Mario Torres

3 Common Characteristics of Top Multicultural Marketing Agencies

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So, you’ve read about the importance of multicultural marketing and its power to enhance customer well-being and eliminate prejudice while protecting your bottom line. You’re keen to consult an ethnic marketing agency as soon as possible—but you can’t decide which one to go for. If only you knew what characteristics some of the top multicultural marketing agencies have in common!

Fortunately for you, we’ve shortlisted three common characteristics shared by some of the best multicultural advertising agencies around, so you can make the right choice. Check them out below!

1. In-House Ad Generation

Who better to produce an ad targeting multicultural customers than the very team that conceptualized it? Some of the best multicultural advertising agencies produce both digital and print ads in-house so they can maintain total control over the ad’s ethos and message!

For best results, consider hiring an agency that has an in-house TV/digital production studio as well as the ability to generate print media.

2. An Understanding of the Difference Between Adaptation and Translation

Have you ever seen one of those crazy Geico ads? Imagine you’re in charge of marketing at Geico. You have a choice between translating one of your ads word-for-word for a culturally diverse audience or changing the story of the ad to uniquely appeal to a specific culture. Which option would you pick?

Picking the first option (translation) might lead to a few laughs if the audience is aware of American cultural norms—but picking the second option (adaptation) will leave a lasting impression. The best multicultural marketing agencies always favor adaptation over mere translation when helping their clients capture demand for ethnically diverse consumers.

3. A Portfolio of Successful Projects Completed for Renowned Clients

One of the biggest indicators of an effective ethnic marketing agency is whether they’ve delivered outstanding results to well-known clients. Creating marketing materials for renowned clients reflects on the ability of the agency to deliver results under pressure—and successful projects speak for themselves!

Therefore, if you want to capture demand from ethnically diverse consumers as best as possible, consider consulting an agency that has an impressive portfolio of past clients and projects.

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GoDiversity Has Built a Stellar Reputation for Having All the Qualities of an Outstanding Ethnic Marketing Agency

If you’re keen to work with an ethnic marketing agency in New York that has all three qualities we’ve discussed today, we’re ready to welcome you at GoDiversity!

GoDiversity is an award-winning multicultural advertising agency in NYC that provides a myriad of fully integrated digital marketing services. We’re proud to have created an array of dazzling marketing materials thus far, and our clients include giants such as AARP and Virgin Mobile.

Reach out to our team of digital marketing wizards today for all your multicultural advertising needs in New York City!

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