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Digital vs Out-of-home Advertising: Which One’s Better for Targeting Ethnic Market Segments

Did you know there are two main types of advertising that can be used to target ethnic market segments? Multicultural marketing companies use either digital or out-of-home marketing to help their clients reach ethnically diverse audiences. But which one’s the better option?

Here’s a look at the benefits of each type of advertising to determine which one’s more effective for targeting ethnic market segments.

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Targeting Ethnic Markets Using Digital Advertising

Digital advertising involves the use of online channels like social media platforms to capture demand. Companies that implement digital advertising to appeal to ethnically diverse target audiences work with multicultural advertising agencies to create culturally sensitive ads.

One way to target ethnic markets using digital advertising is by conveying your brand’s story in a video that features elements from a specific culture. We recommend hiring an ethnic marketing agency that has ample experience producing video ads and understands the culture you wish to appeal to for the best results.

Targeting Ethnic Markets Using Out-of-home Advertising

As the name suggests, out-of-home advertising is all about using physical ads to boost demand. If you want to use out-of-home advertising tools like posters and flyers to target ethnic markets, it’s vital to ensure they capitalize on cultural nuances.

For example, a poster in Spanish that features a Mexican idiom or a flyer that features Aztec design accents is likely to be well-received by Mexican customers. If you’re looking for assistance to create culturally accurate out-of-home ads, we recommend consulting a reputable multicultural marketing agency.

Which One’s Better?

Whether it’s worth using out-of-home or digital advertising to appeal to culturally diverse market segments depends on their other characteristics.

For instance, if you’re targeting Hispanic consumers over the age of 60, you’re better off using out-of-home advertising than advertising on a platform like YouTube because 85% of Hispanic adults who are 60 years old rarely watch YouTube videos.

We recommend sitting with an ethnic advertising agency to discuss what types of multicultural advertising tools to use depending on your target market’s demographics, psychographics, needs, priorities, and common interests.

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Struggling to find a reputable ethnic marketing agency in New York? It’s time to speak to our team of multicultural marketing experts at GoDiversity.

We’ve developed out-of-home ads like posters as well as digital ads like videos to help countless clients target ethnic market segments. Our team of experts has over 80 years of combined experience providing multicultural ad services and we’re proud to have helped numerous reputable businesses benefit from ethnic marketing.

Leave us a message on our website now to develop professional digital and out-of-home ads with the help of one of the top multicultural marketing companies in New York.

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