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Everything You Need to Know About Multicultural Marketing

USA is home to one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world today. The influence that certain multicultural groups have in the markets today is something that business can’t choose to ignore, especially when it comes to the Hispanics.

Hispanics are a young and dynamic bunch that loves to spend money. Their spending on food alone is expected to touch $21 billion in 2020, which shows how lucrative this niche.

However, marketing to them is not very easy. This is where the concept of multicultural marketing comes in. It requires a very careful approach.

Here are some ways in which you can ensure that you are hitting the right mark with your marketing efforts:

Extensive Research

The first step of multicultural marketing is to research the ethnic groups as much as possible. This will help you understand the different aspects of that particular group which you weren’t aware of. Your research should include focus groups, survey, experiments, trials as well as secondary data.

However, research is not something that you should do only before formulating a marketing campaign, but is something that is to be done throughout the whole process. This is because you never know what insights you may come across as you are executing your marketing campaign.

Targeting Only One Ethnic Group

One of the most important aspects of multicultural marketing is to target only one ethnic group at a time.

A laser-like focus is extremely important when targeting a particular segment so that the campaign can create the desired effect on the audience. Some marketers even go to the extent of dividing one particular ethnic group into many other segments in order to target them more effectively. For example, they divide Hispanics into non-Mexican Hispanics, Hispanic millennials, bilingual Hispanics, dominant Hispanics and so on.

One Brand One Voice

Multicultural marketing is not something that is done in isolation, with no connection to other marketing efforts. Remember that one brand should only have one voice, regardless of the number of different markets they are targeting.

You will need to be consistent with what you are communicating through one brand across all marketing channels so that you do not confuse your audiences.

Using the Right Channels

When targeting an ethnic group, it is imperative that the channels being utilized are in fact the channels where the target audience is likely to be found.

Hispanics spend more than 14 hours in a single day on their phones, while there are many other ethnic groups who spend a lot of time on social media. Leveraging the right channels is important to reach your audience.

Hiring the Experts

The best way to formulate effective multicultural marketing campaigns is to hire the experts that specialize in multicultural marketing.

Because of their extensive experience in creating multicultural marketing, they understand cultural values and language better than anyone else. Regardless of how comprehensive research you do, understanding of cultures can only come with time. This is the reason why having a multicultural marketing agency that understands multicultural marketing inside out is important.

We are a full-service Hispanic marketing agency that can help you to succeed in your marketing efforts targeted towards capturing the digital Hispanic market. So let’s discuss and work together on a plan!

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