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  • Mario Torres

3 Key Insights for Creating a Winning Hispanic Marketing Strategy

Dubbed as “super” consumers, the Hispanic community is gathering increased interest from businesses nationwide.

What’s piquing their interest?

A fast-growing population and an economic clout that is valued in trillions.

In short, everything that makes these consumers, super consumers.

However, businesses are also finding that targeting Hispanic consumers is not easy.There are many examples around us—some involving world recognized brands—which show the struggle of businesses with their Latino marketing initiatives.

This doesn’t mean marketing to the Hispanic audience is difficult. If you understand your audience and the dynamics that govern the principles of marketing to the Hispanics audience, you can nail it.

You can create a winning Hispanic marketing strategy.

And to help you create one, we have gathered some key insights for you, and we will be discussing them next—one by one…

Hispanics look for cultural relevancy in marketing messages

Hispanics are very fond of their culture and they lay great emphasis on their cultural values. Not surprisingly, they also look for cultural connections when shopping for a product.

The connection could be in the form of product origination, the origins of the seller itself or in the way the product is marketed.

That last part is what you need to focus on.

When creating content for your marketing campaigns, try to create a content that culturally resonates with the Hispanic audience.

Now this doesn’t mean you should start producing content in Spanish and think the content would work. Language is just a way of communicating the many elements of a culture; it’s not the culture itself.

You need to focus on elements that represent the identity of Hispanic culture, and integrate these elements in your marketing message.

Hispanics research online before they buy a product and they mostly use mobile for the purpose

Hispanic consumers are digitally more advanced than non-Hispanic consumers and they leverage the power of digital during shopping.

They prefer to research online before they buy a product and majority of them use their mobile devices for the purpose. They even use mobile when they are in-store, searching for product reviews and sharing their in-store shopping experience.

As a marketer, it’s therefore important that you provide them with plenty of relevant content online (accessible from mobile devices) so that they can consume the information and use it to make an informed decision.

Hispanics pay close attention to online ads

U.S Hispanics admit to paying close attention to online ads. Video, search or display – the type of platform doesn’t really influence their attention levels.

Furthermore, most U.S Hispanics also admit that they’re likely to take an action if they recall seeing an online ad.

With guaranteed high engagement, you must therefore focus on producing more ads. Make sure you place them across all devices and platforms. Posting your ads on video based platforms, however, is likely to get you more traction as Hispanics spend a fair share of their online hours watching videos—9 hours more than an average U.S consumer.

Interested in learning more about how to create a winning Hispanic marketing strategy? Check out our information vault, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of useful and helpful tips there.

You can also consult our Hispanic advertising experts. They’ll be happy to assist you in your strategy creation process, as well as in the design of Hispanic direct mail and marketing ad campaigns.

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