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  • Mario Torres

3 Powerful Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses to Reach Multicultural Markets

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Almost every consumer from different demographics accesses businesses with their smartphones and mobile devices. This is mainly because mobile devices are convenient, easy to carry, and enables people to easily get information about products and services whenever and wherever they want.

Now that the world is shifting focus toward a diverse range of audiences, businesses need to step up their game and devise effective mobile advertising strategies that will help them connect to a multicultural audience.

If you’re also trying to build a small business and attract and retain the attention of a diverse range of people, here is a quick guide on how to devise engaging mobile marketing strategies to get them hooked.

1.Focusing on Mobile-Specific Platforms

When developing a mobile marketing strategy, pay attention to the platforms your audience usually goes to. Do your research and conduct surveys with people from your target audience and find out which mobile space they are interested in the most.

If your target audience is young, you will likely find them using Instagram or TikTok more frequently. Optimize your campaign in a way that makes it short and relatable. Create captivating visuals and short-form ads that will capture your consumer’s attention immediately.

2.Be Authentic

If you want more people to gravitate towards your brand, build a healthy emotional connection with your audience and make an effort to do extensive research.

Many brands utilize this strategy without proper research, and their multicultural advertising is offensive and distasteful. One of the biggest examples of this is the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, which reduced all the efforts of the black-lives-matter protesters fighting police brutality to sell soda.

Your consumers can instantly point out if you put thought into your marketing campaign or not. So make sure to do your research and learn more about your consumers by learning about their customs, values, and traditions before you plan your campaign.

3.Keep it Short and Snappy

Research shows that the rapid uptake of content on mobile devices leads to people having shorter attention spans. This is why you should try to create condensed content like short paragraphs with snappy and engaging texts, easy-to-click links, improved navigation, and attention-grabbing visuals.

A person holding a mobile phone.

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