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Things to Look for a Multicultural Marketing Agency

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a multicultural marketing agency.

One, your in-house marketing team may not have the skills or the resources to come up with an effective multicultural marketing campaign.

Secondly, multicultural marketing is quite complex. There are various aspects involved, such as language, context, and cultural context and so on. If any one of them goes wrong, then the whole campaign could fail. Failing in a multicultural marketing could prove to be quite costly for your brand, as it can quickly alienate an entire market segment.

Here are some things that you should look for in a multicultural marketing agency before hiring one:


The first thing you want to look at is the portfolio of the marketing agency. The portfolio will give you an idea of the experience of the marketing agency as well as the range of skills and expertise.

With the portfolio, you will have a number of marketing campaigns in front of you which will provide you with a yardstick for measuring the performance of the marketing agency as well.

Diversity of the Team

It is important for multicultural marketing agencies to have a team of individuals coming from culturally diverse backgrounds.

A diverse team is more likely to understand the cultural values and ways to incorporate them into the marketing campaign. They will also be able to draw valuable insights into the ethnic minorities, something that is not possible for people who do not belong to that segment.


Marketing agencies have access to various resources that are required to execute marketing campaigns. This includes web developing, recording studios and so on.

It is not financially viable for any agency to have such resources in-house, but most marketing agencies should have strategic linkages with other businesses and have easy access to all such facilities.

Strategic Thinking

Marketing campaigns aren’t about crazy ideas that create a buzz in the media. Even if a marketing campaign is appreciated by the audiences, but fails to achieve the strategic goals of the company, it would be considered as a failure.

Marketing agencies should be able to think strategically and take the needs of the business into account when formulating a marketing campaign. The marketing campaign should be designed in a way that lets the businesses achieve those objectives.

This is something you can ask the marketing agency when they are presenting you the creative pitch.

About Us

We are a Hispanic marketing agency based in New York. Our team designs ads and marketing campaigns for web, TV, print, radio and mobile, helping businesses to connect to Hispanic audiences in an effective way. We were selected as the top 20 best ad agencies in NYC by Expertise in 2017. For more details call (917)7976189 or email at

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